The days are gone when an agent could put a sign in the yard and list some single family homes on the local Multiple Listing Service to get it sold. In today’s market, your home needs and deserves the greatest exposure that a professional can provide. I approach each property as a unique opportunity to paint the best picture and find the perfect buyer for my seller, I always make sure to provide my client as much information as possible, at the end that’s my job. That is why I employ a number of cutting edge methods to promote your property to the maximum number of potential buyers.

There are plenty of properties out there for sale, but if what you’re looking for is for something small for a great price, then check out these single family homes.

The diverse mix of single family homes for sale, condominiums, commercial and mixed used projects, green spaces, and transit oriented development make for a vibrant inner city community that is poised to integrate its past into the 21st century. While this area provides an excellent opportunity for investors and first-time buyers, the range in home prices is enormous.

Utilizing the following listing tools at my disposal, I can offer you a top-rated experience that will bring you the best possible results! Selling your home is not that easy, but neither is finding a new home. If you are having trouble finding your new home, check out this residential property listings for great options.

• My personal website which is search engine optimized.
• Syndicated blogs on ActiveRain, Metacafe and Localism, among others
• Our Sky Realty broker website which is highly ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing
• Custom-produced syndicated videos on YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, ActiveRain and Localism.
• social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
• A hand-picked team of professionals at your call, who can repair, stage, or landscape as necessary
• A team of experienced immobilien real estate agents, who will all work to get your property to the closing table in the shortest amount of time and for the best price possible!

What Are Some Legal Issues for First-Time Home Buyers to Consider? How Are Home Purchase Legal Issues Resolved?

There are a wide variety of legal issues that first-time home buyers should consider. Although most new buyers focus on issues such as pricing and the value of the home, they should also consider other aspects of the transaction. Some examples of this would be:

  • Hidden costs that may be associated with purchasing a new home, as opposed to purchasing an older home;
  • Potential defects with the home;
  • Contract issues between the buyer and seller;
  • Mortgage disputes;
  • Mortgage fraud;
  • Title defects, such as a cloud on the title;
  • Joint ownership of the home, especially for married couples; and
  • Valuation and appraisal of the home.

Another example of related legal issues would be how there may be issues with zoning laws if the party wishes to purchase additions, or make structural changes to the home.

Some home purchase issues can be resolved through additional efforts, such as hiring an appraiser to determine the value of the home prior to closing on the purchase. Other legal issues may require legal action to resolve. Common remedies would be similar to those available in breach of contract cases, such as a damages award. An example of this would be if there is a defect with the home’s title. The seller and the buyer may need to file a legal proceeding in order to have the defect or dispute effectively resolved, for example suing seller for non disclosure.

Making your home stand out in today’s competitive market

First… contact a realtor with experience in your area and find out what it needs for successful marketing. Let the professionals look at your property with an objective eye and take this advice to heart.

Second….Get a professional, in-depth market analysis for your home. If you need help with this, feel free to contact Conveyancing Ashfield. This is not the time to try and negotiate a price for your property. The facts are what they are and a well-priced home with get you top dollar before an overpriced home that has sat on the market.

Third….Find the best REALTOR for you. You’ll want someone with experience, education, and the ability to put your property in the best light possible for maximum exposure. The person should have a full understanding of internet marketing…and why is that? Because 87% of today’s home buyers search the internet in order to get first time home buying services!

People want information about your home to be mobile friendly. We do that!

With over 18 years experience in the Austin Real Estate market, I have the experience and understanding of the market that you need for your sale. And with my extensive education in real estate and professional certifications, I have the understanding of what it takes to get your house sold in the shortest amount of time. Finally, I have extensive training in internet marketing that will put your property at the fingertips of those who are searching for homes for sale in beaufort. 

So if you’re thinking of making that move up the ladder to a larger home for your family, or you’re an empty nester who is ready to scale down into something more suited to your needs, then contact me for a professional analysis of your home. I know the market, I know the community and I know how to get your home SOLD!