As a trained realtor in the art of Feng Shui, I find that the rules and suggestions for your home staging for sale merge perfectly with Feng Shui and maximizing the positive energy in your home. In this blog site I will be posting lots of ideas for improving the ‘chi’ or energy of your home and helping you decide which designs will bring you and your family wealth, health and happiness!Well if you are buying home or renewing home, you should know about the builder and why should you know about builder?discover this info here.

That said, I thought you might like to have this handy list of possible front door colors for your new home. Since painting the front door in bright colors is very popular in my neighborhood, it makes sense to choose a color that is appropriate for your location and compass direction position. Use the Five Elements for guidance so that your door will be in balance with the elemental properties of the chi in that specific sector. A wide range of quality doors is available from Arizona door store.

I love to use this chart when I’m updating a home for better curb appeal in my real estate practice. My clients are so often amazed at how the color choice improves the chi while working with the existing house color, while the lighting is also really important in a home, and that’s why having big windows could help improving the design of your home, you can also add folding arm awnings to cover the sunlight directly, so you can have light in your home, but also shadow for your outdoors, but is important that you learn how to choose an efficient outdoor lighting.

South (Fire) = Burgundy, red, purple, or rose
Southwest (Earth) = Beige, brown or yellow
West (Metal) = Any of the metallic colors like gold, silver, or copper. Also, white.
Northwest (Metal) = Same as for West… gold, silver, copper or white.
North (Water) = Dark colors like black, charcoal gray, blue.
Northeast (Earth) = Beige, brown or yellow.
East (Wood) = Any of the green shades.
Southeast (Wood) = Any of the green shades.
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Happy painting!

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