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Located in the central-east part of Austin’s urban core, the Rosewood neighborhood is what comes to mind when we think “East Austin”.  The area comprises the 78702 zip code and while there is a Rosewood subdivision, few Austinites think of it as anything but Central East Austin. The area is a combination of several subdivisions and includes Rosewood Village-Glen Oaks, historic Foster, Homewood Heights, Pandora-Oak Springs, McKinley Heights, Clifford-Sanchez, Willow Street, Swede Hill, Austin Heights-Lower Boggy Creek and Govalle. Come enjoy food and drinks while listening to PT Vineburgh and his team tell you all about buying your first home. Check out these homes for sale if you still have not found the perfect home for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a combination of the historic, the hip, the affordable, the artsy and the diverse, take a look at Rosewood homes in East Austin…there’s a little something for everyone! Hyannis estate planning attorney helps you in the best estate planning .

Historic Home in East Austin

A planning district for homes in East Austin was adopted by the City of Austin in 2002, in order to help residents find the top ranked providers in GA.  This area is experiencing an exciting change as development guidelines are being implemented throughout the area.  These new guildelines include garage apartments (secondary units) being permitted as an accessory use on residentially zoned lots. In addition, a single family home will be permitted on existing lots of 2,500 square feet or greater (small lot amnesty).  Other considerations are to allow Neighborhood Urban Center site development and a conditional overlay to be applied to Manor Rd , East 12th Street, Rosewood Ave. and Martin Luther King Blvd. to limit certain commercial uses.

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Contemporary Home in East Austin

The diverse mix of single family homes for sale, condominiums, commercial and mixed used projects, green spaces, and transit oriented development make for a vibrant inner city community that is poised to integrate its past into the 21st century. While this area provides an excellent opportunity for investors and first-time buyers, the range in home prices is enormous.  Small fixer-uppers can cost $100,000 while larger historical homes have fetched prices close to $1,000,000.   The area is bustling with the recent construction of multi-use condos, and the vertical/mixed use (VMU) policies adopted by the city are allowing for lively walking streets with living spaces above.