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I guess you all know that with foreclosures up, there are deals to be had…and many of those properties for sale will be available on the auction block after conveyancing, there are some great web sites that list almost all the auctions out there… so go to or to find them.. This is not something for the novice or the faint of heart, but if you want to venture in the world of auctions, here are some things you should know before you start.

Then, you’ll need to ask a few questions. You want to know if the auction is a reserve or absolute auction? What’s the difference, you say? Well, there is actually quite a big difference. You want to shoot for the absolute auction because if you are the winning bidder, you will get that house not matter what. In a reserve auction the seller or the bank can hold on to the property if they do not get the minimum bid they want. Similarly we can use powell auction for home purchasing. Alternatively, you can check out Amazon and find tiny house for sale, you can look at the design and the best house which matches your needs.

You also want to know if you can rescind the contract. This means that you may have 3, 2, 1 or even 0 days as a cooling off period before the contract is binding. Find this out before you start bidding. Each auction is different and you may find that you have a change of heart.

And finally, you want to know if there is a Buyer’s Premium. Now this may sound like something good! But it isn’t. It is actually a TAX you pay the auction house of an amount of either 5 or 10% for being the winning bidder on the property. An additional $10,000 on a bid of a $100,000 property could really reduce the great price you thought you were getting!!

Now do your homework.

+ Check out the sales prices of the homes you are considering, use the reverse mortgage calculator if necessary. You can go to several web sites and view properties on the market. These homes for sale ormond beach fl are as good as any place to get started. If you are in a major city, your local multiple listing service is probably available online through a site like <(cityname)> or you can try There are loads of possibilities here so just Google a little and you can find some comparables.

+ Make sure to get the place a complete inspection by hiring a professional to avoid expenditures after purchase. While you do have access to posts by the sewer cleanup in dallas, which can help you by giving you handy sewer cleanup tips, but I think its better to be cautious before than to be sorry later. So get an inspection done.

+ Check for any foundation damages, the most critical one that can really affect your foundation are water damages. You might want to make sure you check here to ensure your plumbing system is in great condition before you do any repairs. After you get everything settled then consider doing some crawl space waterproofing to avoid any future damages.  

+ Don’t forget to check out the school districts. We all know that schools are a major determining factor for long-term home values so get online and look for school ratings.

+ Make sure that your financing is in order before you bid on a property. If you get to the auction and you bid on a home without proper financing, you could lose 20% of the price of the home for this big mistake, if you think you are ready then please check these reo bank owned properties.

+ Have the following list of items ready when you go to the auction: your maximum bid, a cashier’s check, your picture ID, a prequalification letter from the bank, and the usps change of address form and photo of the property.

Final tips on getting the best deal at auction:

1. Bid on properties at the front of the list. The best deals are at the first while everyone else is trying to get their feet on the ground!

2. Wait out the bidding war on the house you want. If others are bidding, sit back and wait until the very end to place a bid.

3. Dress like a millionaire and sit up by the auctioneer. Everyone else will think that you are with the bank and they will be intimidated

The Cherrywood Neighborhood Association in East Austin set out to deliberately work out a neighborhood vision plan 10 years ago that yielded consensus on the characteristics of the community that they hope to retain and foster. This vision statement from website follows:

* Safe, walkable streets
* Neighborhood-oriented and neighborhood-friendly businesses and services
* Preserve and promote public and private greet space
* Respect, recognize and maintain ethnic, family, socio-economic and cultural diversity
* Managing growth while ensuring livable density, a diversity of architectural styles and a well-maintained neighborhood
* Achieving a sense of community and security by encouraging responsibility, involvement and pride among all resident and owners. Consider getting a thermal camera so you can catch any potential intruders and keep your home safe, make sure you learn more from this home and business alarm company article.
* Healthy and active relationships with other neighborhood groups, civic organizations and government agencies
* A built environment compatible with the above goals.

Since the time that of the initial vision planning, the Cherrywood Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Committee met and developed the Design Standards described here. They outline those characteristics that relate to the physical development of the neighborhood while they try to offer more practical examples and suggestions for applying the Standards in the design of improvements and new construction, if you are planning to improve or remodel your home make sure you have proper tools like the ones from Steve Coltharp.

It is important to note that the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association is a residents’ association and there is no enforcement authority. The CNA simply tries to discover and promote consensual community interest. However, occasionally CNA’s approval for a construction permit to the City of Austin may be critical, the building inspections in Melbourne would have to approve first. When a property owner petitions the Board of Adjustment for a variance, or otherwise seeks City approval, CNA may play a formal role. If so, CNA’s Planning & Zoning Committee will support a petition if the applicant agrees to meet the Design Guidelines and if neighbors register no strong objections. Garage doors and gates are a vital part of your home’s value and livability. At ADS Automatic Door Specialists we understand this better than anyone. We’ve devoted nearly four decades serving the greater San Diego community – from individual homeowners and homeowner associations to architects, contractors, and local businesses.


  • Fire Safety. Fire walls or nonflammable construction materials should be used where homes are built close to one another to prevent blazes from spreading easily.Security against Intruders. Placement of landscaping, fences, and new construction should maximize visibility for Police patrols.
  • Eyes on the Street. Architectural features should be incorporated to facilitate neighborliness and make it easier for neighbors to look out for one another. Examples: lighting, street window, front porches.
    Subdued Parking. Provide sufficient off-street parking.
  • Pedestrian Safety. Planting would not overhang the street where branches may impede pedestrians, bicyclists or drivers.
  • Neighborhood Scale and Character. For residential streets, windowless walls, tall fences, storage of vehicles or supplies, unkempt appearance or any similarly incongruous non-residential features visible from the street should be avoided.
  • Sustainable Design and Construction. Promote GREEN building programs such as rainwater harvesting, used of recycled materials, provision of shad, and other features friendly to the environment. You might need to use a Land Excavating company for some projects.
  • Intended Use. Rental units (that is when people start using The Scout Group), home offices, home businesses, studios, etc. are encourage to locate in residential blocks as long as they are residential in character, generate no more traffic than a normal residence, and produce no excessive noise.


  • Entry Doors. Make the entryway visible from the street. Provide vision glass in the door or adjacent window. You can get replacement doors if yours don’t follow these guidelines.  Protect visitors from the elements. Make the house number easily visible. Provide a place other than your Mailbox to leave newsletters, notes, and notices.
  • Porches. Shield a porch fro the sun and rain. Make it wide and deep enough to protect visitor from the elements and provide sitting space. It is very comfortable to have rooftop porch, so if you are looking for a reliable roofing contractor, contact #1 Roofing Contractors in Westchester County NY | Top Roofers in Yonkers.
  • Windows. Position windows and glass in the entry door to make the street visible from the residence. Awning windows are another popular style of window and offer a unique look since they are hinged at the top.
  • Fences and Gates.  Don’t only add privacy fencing in the front yard, but also improve your property security and property curb appeal with strong gates, learn more about the pros and cons of wood gates.
  • Lighting. Consider neighbors’ interest and comfort when choosing and installing exterior lighting. Choose exterior lighting with no visible lamp bulb.
  • Heating and cooling systems. Make sure that all the heating and cooing vents are properly  installed. If you need you can hire a top ranking air conditioning repair expert to examine the conditions of the vents.
  • Landscaping. Avoid shrubbery that lowers visibility of the street, oncoming traffic intersections, and blocks pedestrian right-of-way. Plant shrubbery away from buildings. Locate new trees away from utility lines. Preserve existing tree. Use native plants.
  • Environmental facilities. Follow Austin’s Green Building Program. Follow Austin Energy’s home energy tips, including the use of better roofing and other metal roofing installation by professionals online. Maximize pervious cover.
  • Parking. Locate garage (hire the best garage doors in Brisbane) or open-air parking in the rear of the property. Pave parking spaces and driveway with semi-pervious ribbon drives or paves where practical. Refurbished garage done by Garage Doors Charlotte NC offers a more fresh and spacious appearance.
  • Setbacks. Only seek a variance from City Code where the result will be: fewer cars parked both on street and in the front setback area AND construction of a porch in the front setback area, but which always result in other Guidelines not being compromised.

If you are considering purchasing a home in Cherrywood or French Place neighborhoods, or you want to remodel a property that you already own in the area, it is strongly advised that you familiarize yourself with the above Guildelines before you petition for a variance or hire an architect to assist you. It would also be advisable that you contact architects who are familiar with the above Design Guildelines before you plan any exterior alterations to your property. For a copy of the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association Design Standards and Guildelines, please contact Rebecca Kohout at 512-415-9876 or email me at