Pennybacker Bridge

Austin is a wonderful hodge-podge of eclectic neighborhoods.   From Downtown high-rises to quite suburbs, you’ll find a setting that fits your needs and once you’re here, you’ll fall in love with the City of the Violet Crown. 

Home prices in Austin neighborhoods are as diverse as the neighborhoods themselves.  Generally, the further you depart from the city center, the more value you get for your home-buying dollar, with the exception of waterfront properties.  As we say in real estate, it’s all about LOCATION and Central – Downtown Austin is where so many of us work and play.  For your better understanding of the mechanics of this site, here is a map of the following neighborhoods.  If you don’t find a detailed description of each area on this web site, it’s because I’m always adding new neighborhoods to the site.  And while it’s not possible to mention every single one, (for that matter, I doubt that anyone could agree on a list of every neighborhood in Austin) you will find this to be a good start for your understanding of the city I love.  I hope these maps offer you some help with getting your footing in the area, and you will contact me to show you some of the terrific properties that interest you in your Austin home buying search.


Austin Neighborhoods Map


Austin 5 County Area Map


Downtown Austin Map


Travis County Map


Williamson County Map


Hays County Map


Highland Lakes Region Map