Austin is frequently ranked as one the best cities in the United States to work, live, play, and raise a family! So I don’t need to convince you that it’s a sound decision to move to our fair city. There are plenty of other people who will do that for you! But you might not know that Austin is a wonderful city to invest in your future through real estate. With job growth well above the national averages, and housing considered one of the best real estate deals in the nation, people are finding our local market to be a great place to invest in a home.

Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, you will find something to fit your needs….and you can join the ranks of all the other folks who have moved to Austin and don’t want to leave!

To help you with your home search, I’ve provided the following template for you to complete. If you’d like a personalized search, you may call me at 512-415-9876 and I’ll help you with suggested areas and prices. I’ve lived in this beautiful city for over 30 years and one thing I really know is the various neighborhoods and trends in home sales and values. You may also search for homes through the specific templates provided in the north, south, east, west and central drop downs. I’ve also provided you with specific information on selected neighborhoods with the Austin area. Take time to read about the history, home styles, pricing and attractions for various neighborhoods of interest. Whether you’re interested in the small town homey qualities of central/east Austin’s Cherrywood or French Place neighborhoods, or the quirky and trendy historical homes in south Austin, there’s a neighborhood that will feel just like home!

Have fun with your search and please call me for neighborhood information and price ranges. Happy trails…..!