The University of Texas Campus area is finally getting it’s own food trailer court… much like the grand-daddy trailer court that has been so popular on South Congress! Scheduled to open March 1st, the Longhorn Food Court will be located at the former site of Ivory Cleaners on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Rio Grande. There will be room for a dozen trailers with plenty of parking and covered seating and while the first eatery is scheduled to open on March 1, it is expected to take several months for a full cluster of dining trailers to be ready to vend their wares, you can do adding or fixes to the food truck the same way you do with your home, and for example as the same way a bathroom remodel adds value to a home it will to your truck. Try the bathroom remodeling services before you start your business, this is one of the most important and essentials in your truck.

Lucky J’s in West Campus

In today’s era everyone loves to eat pizza and most of the people like pizza parties if you also want to give pizza party to your friends and looking for different, flavours  and unique pizza toppings then visit at pizza delivery singapore for discount deals and fast delivery service. The first food trailer to sign up for the new location is Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles…yummm! Lucky J’s currently has a trailer at 6th and Waller in East Austin and they’ve had a steady clientele for the past two years. The owner, Jason Umlas, is excited to take the plunge and be the first vendor to sign up for the new location stating that he loves the way Austinites like to cheer on the little guy. Try “The Deal”… $7.99 for four pieces of dark, crispy chicken and two sweet, cinnamonny waffles. The waffles are just dense enough to soak up syrup and any chicken juice, while the crispy, fried chicken is oozing with herbs and spices… perfection!! And if you don’t have a friend to share this order, go for the “Short Stack”…. a breast and a waffle for $5.99.Lauras beef provide a great service in beef delivery,you can order it from this site.

With the phenomenal success of the Food Trailer Court on South Congress, other courts have been popping up all over town…north, south, and east. Now Central Austin and the UT Campus area can add another economical dining spot for students and neighbors alike. I can’t wait to see what other trailers will fill the lot at this convenient location…so watch for me there… I’ll be the one with the big smile and a handful of chicken!