For many first time home buyers, the process can seem complicated and mysterious. The following checklist is a great help for understanding the process and will help you keep track of your progress.

_______ 1. Contract signed and dated.
_______ 2. Earnest money deposited.
_______ 3. Loan application.
_______ 4. Lender approval of Buyer.
_______ 5. Property inspection ordered by Buyer.
_______ 6. Copy of inspection to Buyer and Seller, Buyer must provide Seller with repair priority list.
_______ 7. Appraisal ordered by Lender.
_______ 8. Appraisal complete. The appraisal may have lender-required repairs.
_______ 9. Seller orders repair work with priority to lender-required repairs, and then buyer repairs.
_______ 10. Lender approval of Buyer.
_______11. Buyer must order termite inspection.
_______12. Information about termite report to Seller and Buyer, and original termite certificate to Title Company.
_______13. Septic inspection if needed.
_______14. Closing officer to order survey.
_______15. Survey approved by Title Company.
_______16. Repairs complete and approved by Lender and Buyer.
_______17. Closing date set.
_______18. Buyer arranges insurance for home. Provides this information to Title Company
_______19. Confirm closing figures with Closing Officer. Buyer must bring cashier’s check or certified funds to close.
_______20. Close.
_______21. Don’t forget keys and garage door openers.