If you’re a fan of neighborhood ‘pocket parks’ you’ll surely want to know about our most recent event we have planned for Cherrywood Green in the Cherrywood neighborhood of East Austin. This event will raise money for ongoing projects at the ‘Green’ and is another new tradition we’re excited about starting . This is a great way to do some spring cleaning and get a tax deductable donation out of it, contact the Moreira Team for more info. We will be looking for donations and volunteers to help us run the garage sale. And of course, it will be a festive, fun day at the Green, so we hope everyone will show up and find some great bargains!

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Cherrywood Green

Cherrywood Green in East Austin

The logistics of the garage sale are as follows. We will be accepting donations, and donors will receive a tax deductable receipt from CHULA, similar to what one would get at Goodwill. We will accept clothes/small appliances/furniture/electronics, etc.. We will not accept mattresses, sofas, televisions-computer monitors, or large appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc..). Ideally we wish donors to drop off their items between 7-9 am Saturday morning at the Green. For larger items or if a person is unable to drop them off, me and I will arrange pick up between 6-8pm on Friday April 16th. It is requested that donors separate their items (adult or children’s clothing/appliances/other) and are encouraged to price the items accordingly.

Garage sale will start at 9am until 5pm on Saturday. This should be a very social event, so everyone is encouraged to come and hang out and meet your Cherrywood neighbors! We plan to have water, coffee, hot dogs and soft drinks available for purchase and possibly a bake sale, so bring your sweet tooth.

If you are interested in volunteering on Saturday, your help will be appreciated. This fund raiser is a “work in progress”, its success will be determined on how many volunteers we have and the effort they provide. A lot of jobs do not require a lot of work, only a commitment to be there on Saturday, other jobs can be done before Saturday if you can’t make it on Saturday. This is the ONLY way we have now to raise funds for the Green so everyone’s participate is necessary to help us create a fund for the yearly maintenance plus build a reserve which is required for many grant applications.. I hope everyone can do some small part, so the entire event will be big and successful! Feel free to email me if you’d like to participate, or just come on over to Cherrywood Road and East 34th Street on April 17th!