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78705 is smack in the heart of central Austin and it is the zip code for the entire North University and West University areas. If you’re looking for a home in central Austin, North University is one prestigious address. While there are homes of all sizes and designs, the area is famous for its traditional, stately homes clustered around the north side of the University of Texas campus. With over 50,000 students and additional faculty and support staff, the area is in high demand for those who want to be close to work and study, and the area has long been known for having a rich, multi-ethnic group of highly educated residents.

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Home in North University

Development and the building of homes in North University area began at the very beginning of the 20th century. Historic homes are heavily situated throughout the area and some streets surrounding Hemphill Park could have a historic marker on every home on the block! This area included the residences of many of Austin’s early founders…the movers and shakers of the city, as well as prestigious professors from the University. It was and still is the home area for many well-to-do Austinites, as well as a perfect location for young buyers who want to their home purchase to be an investment in their financial future.

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The boundaries for the North University neighborhood are between Duval Street and Guadalupe, but the small areas to the east and IH35 or the west to Lamar Boulevard are equally beautiful, prestigious and similar in quality to this central 78705 neighborhood. For this reason, and because central Austin neighborhood rarely are easily defined, I will include these peripheral areas into the North University grouping. And as we can see, home prices are equally prestigious around the Washington Park area to the west or Harris Park area to the east. You will find the smallest homes in the area still priced at $300K and up while the larger and historic homes can easily cost over $1M. Average home priced are close to $500K for about 2,000 square feet of living space, so living in North University doesn’t come cheap. But the beautiful tree-lined streets, close proximity to the University and the ability to walk to many restaurants and parks makes the area a worthwhile investment for those who can afford the price tag.

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Adams-Hemphill Park in North University

Long-established parks in the North University area are one of the first things that come to mind when I think of this special neighborhood. Since I’ve lived here for many years while I was in college and first married, this area holds a special place in my heart. Walking to class, the corner grocery store, the neighborhood pub, or Eastwoods Park was part of my daily regime. And all those attractions are there today for residents to enjoy! Shops at Red River and 32nd Street, or along Speedway and 29th Street, or Duval and 30th Street have businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, groceries, dry cleaning, and other necessary stops in your routine. Guadalupe Street (The Drag) extends through the area and you can find almost everything you need within a few minutes drive or a short walk. The Adams-Hemphill Park, Sparky Park and Eastwoods Park are tucked away at various corners of the neighborhood and you will find dog walkers, children playing, or musicians sitting on the grass almost any time of the day. This is truly an inner city neighborhood that lets you live in a large city and still feel like you’re part of a small community. Take a drive through the area or let me show it to you myself. I know you’ll fall in love with it, too.

Folk Art Wall at Sparky Park