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As an older inner city neighborhood, Bryker Woods appeals to people of all ages.  Tree-lined streets, easy access to wonderful shops and restaurants, and adorable cottage homes are some of the neighborhood’s greatest assets.  Located east of Mopac, north of Westover, south of 35th Street, and protected on the east by the Seton Hospital complex and Shoal Creek, the neighborhood is the gentle extension of the Pemberton Heights neighborhood to the south. In Bryker Woods, you’ll find a charming mix of homes built from the 1930s and 40s and a lively neighborhood that cherishes the natural beauty of its location along the Shoal Creek greenbelt.

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Bryker Woods History

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The first subdivision with the name “Bryker Woods” was platted in 1936. Its name is said to have been derived by combining the first three letters of the last names of two of its developers, J.C. Bryant and McFall Kerbey. Before that, Bryker Woods was a composite of smaller subdivisions such as the fourteen-lot William Thiele subdivision between 34th and 35th streets and Kerbey Lane and Mills Ave. Camp Mabry Heights (platted in 1913 in the northwestern corner of the neighborhood near the MoPac railroad tracks), and the Ed Seiders Subdivision, immediately to the west of the William Thiele subdivision were also incorporated into the current subdivision. Due to location along Shoal Creek Boulevard, the Bryker Woods neighborhood was not developed until reliable bridges crossing Shoal Creek were constructed.  The City of Austin has addressed the flooding issues associated with Shoal Creek in the 1980s, and the area is now part of the Old West Austin Historic District. To clean leaf around your home buy a backpack leaf blower here.

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Bryker Woods Home

The Bryker Woods neighborhood is composed of approximately 747 lots. An assessment made in 1987 indicated that approximately 721 of these lots were used entirely for residential purposes.  There is a charming mix of housing ages and styles, most of them modest in size and scale, with lot sizes and setbacks large enough to provide for reasonable privacy but small enough to permit interaction among residents. You’ll find a great number of wood framed cottages with hardwood floors and covered porches. Home prices range from $240,000 for a small two bed, one bath bungalow to $850,000 for a five bed, 4 bath home with over 3,200 square feet of living space.  The average home is a three bed, two bath cottage with 1,700 square feet of living space and will sell for $500,000.

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There are a number of retail and restaurant establishments along the 35th Street corridor that are both convenient and within a short walk or drive.  Jefferson Square, 26 Doors shopping center, Central Park and the popular Kerby Lane area are all within a minutes from the area. Local parks include Shoal Creek Park (between Bryker Woods Elementary & St. Andrews School), Bailey Park (between Seton & St. Andrews School), and Seiders Springs Park (between 38th & 34th Streets) all of which help make Bryker Woods the walking and biking neighborhood for which it’s known. The beautiful Shoal Creek greenbelt is a city park located south of 34th Street. Distinguishable features include a large covered picnic pavilion, an “outdoor classroom” under a giant live oak tree, zeriscaped gardens with natural stone products wa and a section of the Shoal Creek Hike & Bike trail which wonders along Lamar Boulevard, through Pease Park, downtown and ends at Town Lake.

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