Austin is all about the quality of life we enjoy…family, music, sports, outdoor activities, eclectic dining  and preserving this wonderful  lifestyle.  Preserving our history is one way we show our love for the community and the lifestyle it provides.  And if you’re like most Texans, historic preservation is near and dear to your heart!

Yes, indeed, historic preservation is the darling of all true Texans.  As a native Texan, I demonstrate this love of Texas and history by donating time, energy and financing to a number of historic community projects.  Whether it’s saving historic Texas cemeteries, preserving our precious buildings, or working in the neighborhood to preserve and record historic information on the community, I love doing all things HISTORIC!

I thought I’d share some of these activities with you so you could see what we’re accomplishing and possibly join us in our efforts to preserve our Texas history.  Check out my blogs… I’m just getting started on the ‘sharing’ part, but we’re all very busy and would love to have more company!

Happy Trails,


Historic Byrne-Reed House

Gonzales County Courthouse